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Activity Description Time Section link
Microblog After watching the video signpost from Cathy Casserly share your thoughts. 3 mins Video signpost
Video reflection View Justin Cone's video: "Creativity builds on the past" 2 mins Introduction
Microblog Post reflections on "Creativity builds on the past" video 2 mins Introduction
Video reflection Meet Creative Commoner, Justin Cone, who provides a behind the scenes reflection on making the video: "Creativity builds on the past" 8 mins Introduction
Microblog Post a few personal reflections after meeting Justin Cone. 3 mins Introduction
Video reflection View the "Wanna work together" video to gain an overview of Creative Commons. 3 mins The CC basics
Microblog Share what you learned with fellow course participants 2 mins The CC basics
Web activity Test your knowledge of the different Creative Commons licenses using the license chooser. 8 mins The CC licenses
Quiz Card game to test your knowledge of license compatibility using a number of remix scenarios. 8 mins Remix game
Microblog Sharing a closing thought about Creative Commons. 3 mins Learning reflection
E-Activity Practical remix, redistribution and licensing of open content materials. 2 hours Remix and relicense