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The Blogging Handbook

These days with access to broadband becoming more and more available to people, the use of media in blogs has become popular. There are still plenty of people who only use text in their blog, and if your target audience has limited to no access to broadband Internet, then it might be a good idea to limit the amount of media you use. Generally it is OK to use a small image in each post. Some people include links to audio and to a video with advice on how large the file is. Others however, are creating blogs targeted to people with broadband connections, and so are embedding lots of images, video and audio with players right there in the blog. These types of blogs are quite slow to load for people with slower connections, so consideration of your audience is important.

Many people read blogs through an RSS Reader however, and that tends to strip out some media to make the loading as efficient as possible. Of course we all want attractive and interesting blogs, so a rule of thumb with media is to not go over board, and to embed only what you have to, and preference linking to files instead.


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