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The Blogging Handbook

5 x 2 hour workshops with Sarah Stewart to master blogging.


Looking at blogs

Week 1 Activity Sheet

  1. Finding out what a blog is.
  2. Subscribing to blogs with RSS.
  3. Join email forum for the workshop
    • The email forum will be used to pass on information and continue discussions about issues that arise.


  1. Search for and find blogs that interest you and follow them in RSS reader
  2. Think about what is going to be the aim of your blog
  3. Bring digital photo of self to next workshop (or Sarah can take photo with her camera)

Setting up a blog

  1. Review RSS & answer any ongoing queries.
  2. Set up a blog. Think about identity and purpose.
  3. Set up profile
  4. Write up a post, upload an image and use hyperlinks


  1. Post the url/address of blog to the email forum so workshop participants can have a look at it
  2. Write 3 posts during the week
  3. Put everyone's blogs in RSS feed and check how everyone is getting on. Try to work out how to leave comments, and help with networking

Commenting and Networking

  1. Review how people are going with their blogs and answer any queries.
  2. Set up blog so people can comment on it.
  3. Sign up for a comment tracking service.
  4. Comment on blogs, asking questions as a means to engage the blogger and other readers.


  1. Comment in workshop participants' blogs and some blogs people have been following
  2. Write 3 more posts to the blog, including experience of commenting

Adding extras to your blog

  1. Check in with how everyone is going with their blog and commenting.
  2. Add widgets like stats counter, RSS, links & others
  3. Embed multi media like Youtube, PowerPoint, Google map,, VoiceThread and Animoto


  1. Keep developing blog with 3 multi media posts
  2. Comment and network
  3. Prepare for the 5th night with something you would like to be shown how to do with blog

Open night

  1. Tutor will help you with anything else you would like to do with your blog - general trouble shooting and enhancements
  2. Celebrations
  3. Evaluation of workshops
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