Create and maintain a basic weblog/Sarah's blogging workshop/Week 1 Activity Sheet

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Week 1: Looking at blogs

  • Be able to describe what a blog is.
  • Be able to find blogs that interest you.
  • Be able to use a RSS feed to monitor blogs that interest you.

1. Find out what a blog is.

  • What do you already know?
  • Definition
  • History
  • Why we should blog.

2. Using Google Blog Search, find blogs that may interest you.

3. Find out what RSS is.

  • Join Google Reader or Bloglines.
  • Start to save the blogs you have found in your RSS reader.

4. Join the workshop email forum

  • The email forum will be used to pass on information and continue discussions about issues that arise.



Google Search:
Google Blog Search:
Google Reader:
Sue Waters: Subscribing to blogs and RSS feeds:
Vicki Davis: How to be an incredible blogger:
Christine Martell: How I use Google Reader: