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Using Exe. Exe is a free HTML editor software that has allows the editor to work offline and upload content later. That is minor part, it is potential is in the instructional devices(id). The ease of using it makes it a darling.The ease of uploading content makes a dependable friend. This is what I would write for a definition. 

Can I use bullets?

  • Describe Exe
  • Outline 15 id devices supported by Exe
  • input some content on the EXE
  • upload the exe material to a LMS of your choice

Using Exe

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# To be able to use EXE

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  1. To be able to install EXE
  2. To input content to Exe
  3. To upload content to an LMS

Extra Tests

Test Banner Test Content Test TOC Test Layout Page

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Perhaps you could compare and contrast the features of Exe over the editing

facilities that come with the LMS. Are there limitation of EXE, for example once the content has been uploaded editing it is not possible. Other wise as a pedagogical template it is simply amazing


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Enter your text here

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Read the cheatsheet for the pedagogical templates and contrast it with the Wikipedia cheatsheet Enter your text here

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now that you are familiar with the pedagogical template. Try and design a lesson using most of id devices it provides