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In order to be able to import directry iDevices into other educational development software like eXe, iDevices and their content need to be clearly demarkated.

Currently this is done using wikimedia templates which wrap the {{{1}}} variable in a div tag with a specific tag and add some decoration.

This has its limaitations as not all desired content can be passed through to the template, and is not too modular

This proposal is to use two templates a START and END template each of which generates a visiblity:hidden div tag of cass="iDevice_start" or "iDevice_end" and the contents IN the start div being the metadata (if required) for that iDevice. The start template would take two variables one "type" and the other "meta". These are Template:IDevice_Start and Template:IDevice_End

Ideally the content of the DIV should go into an html comment but mediawiki is stripping these.

For each kind of idevice a new start template calling the generic templates is created which pass parameters and meta data... e.g. Template:Activity_Start this is the cloesd with the generic Template:IDevice_End

This still leaves the issue of heading levels and titles pending.

Next several Pairs of Templates which would call their specific kind can be created which add decoreation. e.g. Template:Boxed_Activity_Start and Template:Boxed_Activity_End or Template:Plain_Activity_Start and Template:Plain_Activity_End

Also a Compact single template version can be created. e.g. Template:Compact_Activity