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Ok here is where I would add my bits about the content outline - the curriculum.

Typically - the first step would be to develop a content "tree" - the main sections and subsections of the intended resrouce. Very similar to what we did in the tutorials here, namely a draft of the outline & its subsections. If you look back at an early history of the WikiEd tutorial page - you would see something like this; .

I'm starting to think that this page is almost impossible. A better way to do this may be to do a sort of barnraising exercise around categories. First, we brainstorm a list of categories, then everyone involved spends an hour adding categories to the existing stuff on the wiki. Another option to possibly consider is the addition of a bot (see: It could run once a day and add a category to the bottom of all newly pages that aren't talk pages or user pages. That way someone or some people can always have this category on their watchlist and go and either add any new content pages to the appropriate 'directory' or add the appropriate category. I think that this is what is mostly happening on Wikiversity and something that perpaps would be good for us to consider. Would need to consult with Eloquence on this. brent 23:52, 20 May 2007 (CEST)

Questions -

  • Rather than having content design as a separate sub-page - I'm wondering whether it would be better to have this as a major subheading on the learning design page for example .../Learning_Design#Content_Design. However this may be difficult to automate. Perhaps we need to think of a work around.
  • What happens if a user inserts a design template on the Content design child page? Does it still know that Content is the parent - or does it assume that Content/Content_design is the new parent?