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This module will engage you in a process of identifying your experiential and any certificated learning and will provide you with useful tools for unpacking your experiences that will help enable you to deepen your thinking around your work context.

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On completion of this course you will be ready to proceed with your further learning within the Graduate Diploma, with the confidence of a well articulated framework for your practice. You will have gained advanced standing credit for up to two papers from the Graduate Diploma.

This course will introduce you to models of reflection and then support you as you move through a process of reflection with five distinct phases. These phases involve:

  • Unpacking and scoping of your integrated experience
  • Drawing out underpinning knowledge, skills, philosophy, values, beliefs
  • Reconstruction of your learning from experience, reformatting within parameters of qualification
  • Reconstructing specific case studies and stories to illustrate your understandings
  • Development of the framework for your assessment presentation

This process has been developed as both a professional and a personal journey of self-awareness through critical refection and professional development.

As a learner in this course you will be:

  • Actively involved in experience
  • Reflecting on experience in a systematic and critical way
  • Committed to process of exploring and learning
  • In a process of structured reflection – supported by the course facilitator
  • Open to learning – in a safe and supportive environment
  • Involved in a cyclical process – often requiring several iterations, visiting and re-visiting experience using a variety of methods
  • Involved in continuous, lifelong learning

There are usually three distinct phases you will go through in this APL process. You will spend significant time reflecting on and unpacking your experience. When there is enough breadth and depth to your material you will begin to develop a framework for your practice as a lecturer. Once this is developed you will move towards preparing for your presentation and be involved in gathering evidence to support this.

This course has been designed to provide you with several exercises that we have found useful for supporting you to reflect critically on your experience and identify your knowledge, understanding and skill as a lecturer, for assessment towards this qualification.