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Simple hardware faults

Sometimes things go wrong, the computer freezes, the monitor goes blank, there is no sound, or lights are flashing. You can use basic trouble-shooting techniques to try and solve the problem.

The following useful tips come from the online tutorial which you will look at in the Activity below:

  • Always check the cables and connections first.
  • Isolate the problem - try to determine exactly what is causing the problem.
  • Take a note (or screen capture) of any error messages, this will be handy should you need to get additional help for the problem.
  • Keep a note of the steps you take to solve the problem. This makes sure you don't repeat steps and will be very handy if you need someones help.

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Please note: the following tutorial will open in a new window/tab. When you have finished the tutorial, simply close the window/tab and you'll return to this page.

  • Complete this online tutorial on Basic Troubleshooting Techniques