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Welcome to Community Services Certificate 3 Flexible Delivery

The flexible delivery mode seeks to make maximum use of your existing abilities, by linking what you already do and know to the requirements of this course.

There will be other areas within this course that you may not be so familiar with. This is where collaboration with others in workshops and discussions online will be highly beneficial. Unlike traditional teaching and learning situations, adult learning is about being aware of your own needs for learning and responding to them, by actively seeking out more information. It is this active learning that we are seeking to support and enhance throughout the delivery of this course.

Support Readings will be provided by your teacher at the beginning of the program, they include readings, activities and additional information relevant to each unit of study.

The Course is broken into three clusters.  All Unit Outlines are available from your teacher and are to be read through in conjunction with the activities and reading indicated in the following clusters:

1. Client and Community Interaction
2. Organisational Requirements
3. Working with the Community

To Start, click on the link to Client and Community Interaction or click the link in the Learning Areas Navigation bar above.