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About Us

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Whole Wheat Radio is a homegrown grassroots online radio station originating from Talkeetna, Alaska. We are an off-shoot of the Wikipedia collaborative wiki model and use the same software they do although modified to our needs. Most things you learn here can be used on Wikipedia and vice-versa. If you are an experienced Wikipedian we encourage you to share your skills in support of the many truly independent musicians represented here.

We are in the midst of our sixth year of live webcasting 24/7/365 and our third year of presenting live house concerts to both the local and the worldwide internet community.

We are a non-profit, non-hype driven labor of love to which listeners have donated $39,027.28. Working musicians who've performed here at house concerts have brought in just over $20,000 for door receipts, CD sales and online tips ... 100% of which has gone right back to them.

We feature the music of 2,729 truly talented independent artists who appreciate the opportunity to have their 39,097 songs be heard on a funky, non-traditional webcast. We've had over 14,043,281 listens to the more than 681,392 tunes we've played. Listeners have purchased 2,848 CDs from CD Baby via WWR, generating $2,861 in referral payments for WWR.

We tend to appeal to grownups who don't take life too seriously - the average age of people hanging out here is 49 years old. The heart of Whole Wheat Radio is the independent music we play.

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List of Materials

....coming soon...

To Do

  • develop a tutorial on creating webcasts
  • offer how-to technology classes locally and globally
  • develop resources for stations to engage communities (i.e., fundraising, underwriting support)