Community Media/TCMN/Sengarama Draft Workshop Plan May2009

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Organisational Management Workshop, 25 to 30 May 2009

Sengarama Draft Workshop Plan

May, 25 – 29, 2009


* 8 radios: Sengerema, Fadeco, others (list)
* 16 people: Managers, Programme Coordinators/Leaders
* 2 facilitators: Njuki Githethwa and another from Tanzania TBC
* 2 resource persons


Organisational development:

  • How does the way that stations are organised affect their success as community radios?
  • What are the key principles of community radio and networks? W
  • What are the capacity needs of community radios?


  1. To develop skills, tools and plans that will help managers to strengthen the organisation of their community radio stations to ensure community "ownership" and content that meets local needs
  2. To develop relationships and policies in order to consolidate the network of community media in Tanzania

Objectives & Outputs

1. To craft a set of principles to guide the development of community radio in Tanzania, in particular concerning community participation, independence

Statement of principles (and related public advocacy messages)
2. To share experiences of community radio, identify good practices and available resources; main focuses: organisation, sustainability, programming, volunteerism

Documented set of good practices and associated resource persons
3. To create an agreed policy concerning the role of community radio in elections

4. To identify the needs of managers and design the elements for a distance (online) training programme

Course plan
5. To increase participants knowledge and skills related to networking

Network statement of principles, vision, mission

6. To identify priorities for the sector, including programming needs and content development strategies, and create a realistic, action-oriented workplan

7. To share principles and practices of effective learning programmes on HIV/AIDS treatment literacy

Country action plan


May 25, 2009
May 26, 2009
May 27, 2009
May 28, 2009
May 29, 2009
9.00 -
11.00 a.m
Principles of community radio
  • Ownership, identity and membership, independence
  • Content, community participation, geographic scope

Leadership and management * Team building, managing people, conflict management
  • Working with staff and volunteers
  • Roles of Boards and Management

Priorities for the development of community radio staff and volunteers
  • Technical skills and competencies
  • Programming, content development strategies
  • Community outreach

Role of community radio in elections
  • Experiences from Kenya
  • Policy on community radio engagement in elections

  • Key messages from participants
  • Messages from community leaders, government representatives
  • Workshop evaluation

11.00 –
11.30 a.m
T E A / C O F F E E B R E A K
11.30 a.m –1.00p.m Experiences and good practices of community radio * Organisation capacity, programming, volunteerism
  • Resources mobilization, sustainability strategies

Management practices and policies
  • Effective management
  • Management policies

Organisational capacity issues
  • Organization structure, culture and relationships
  • Organisation learning
  • Compositions of boards and management teams

Organisation learning and sharing
  • Visit to local community radio
  • Learning from staff, board, community
  • Sharing experiences

1.00 –
2.00 p.m
2.00 –
5.00 p.m
Knowledge and skills on Networking
  • Experiences from Kenya
  • Practices and principles of effective networks
  • Network vision and mission statement

Managers training needs
  • Skills and competencies
  • Elements and design for distance online training
  • Timelines and Training commitments

LearnShare HIV/AIDS Africa Treatment Literacy
  • Overview
  • Reflections on the Cote d’Ivoire workshop
  • Action points
  • Wikieducator and other online tools

Way forward
  • Action planning
  • Sharing tasks

8.45 p.m
Video viewing on relevant issues

Listening to sample community radio programmes

Recording programmes, live transmission

Sharing materials, online resources

(Comment.gif: Open Office version of document, available here -- Media:Sengarama_Draft_Workshop_Plan_May2009.odt)