Community Media/STORY WORKSHOP/Workshop Report April 3 09 Appendix 4

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Once there lived two unmarried men in the village of Baulande. They were Kukusi and Kulau. Also in that village lived Lali, an unmarried women but already having a six year old daughter after fliting with another guy from another village some years back. The two men tried so hard to date young women but without luck since thier teenage days.

One evening after having thier supper, they sat infront of thier verander siping hot tea and looking across the horizon. Kulau interupted, "Yo yo, what a wasted cool evening. I wish i am sitting down with a woman, not another man". Kukusi agreed, "me too". Thats when the idea of trying to approach Lali for friendship started. The two men bet each other that who will first approach the lady will have her.

That night in thier beds they lied awake till morning. Each was planing how and what to say to Lali.