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About Us

The Shuttleworth Foundation was established in 2001 by South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth with the primary aim of driving social innovation in the field of education. With head offices in Cape Town, South Africa, the organisation is based upon the belief that education is the key to unlocking the creative and intellectual potential inherent in all individuals while inspiring them to believe that anything is possible.

Mark Shuttleworth's hope is that his own successes in the field of technology will inspire others and is committed to providing them with all the opportunities they need to prosper.

This hope underpins all activities at the Foundation which is committed to the acceleration of change in South Africa. The organisation drives social and policy innovation in the fields of education and technology through policy dialogue and practical projects while engaging with both local and international partners to leverage off existing initiatives and promote the replication of successful programmes undertaken elsewhere.

The Shuttleworth Foundation carries an open philosophy that includes the promotion of open source, open standards and open information access with the belief that sharing stimulates change and broadens horizons. It is the further belief of the Shuttleworth Foundation that in an African context this open philosophy is key to progress and an enabler for education.

List of Educational Materials

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