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Station Manager

Main purpose of the job

To manage the operation of the Community Radio station. Responsibilities will include: management of the relevant station team and volunteers; managing the station budget; reporting on project outputs; overseeing station programming; liaising with external agencies.

Key Tasks

9. To work with the Director on strategic planning issues.

10. To work with the Director to procure resources for the station.

11. To oversee training delivery at the station, in conjunction with the training team as appropriate

12. To oversee the development of local ownership of the station.

Person Specification

Skills / Knowledge

1. The ability to negotiate with a range of agencies e.g. community groups, regeneration agencies, local authority departments

2. The ability to carry out efficient project management e.g. budgeting, record-keeping, managing contracts etc.

3. The ability to manage and motivate a team

4. The ability to work co-operatively with members of a team

5. Substantial understanding of the operation of community media as applied to disadvantaged communities

6. The ability to manage a programme of work and prioritise tasks without supervision

7. The ability to write and communicate succinctly and clearly

8. Good working knowledge of using word processing and spreadsheet software

9. The ability to form good working relationships with people from a wide range of social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds

10. A knowledge of the local area - desirable but not essential

Values and attitudes

1. A commitment to and understanding of the principles of an equal opportunities policy

2. The ability to be tactful and sensitive but assertive when appropriate

Experience, Qualifications, Training

1. Substantial experience of project management, preferably with experience of public funding monitoring (e.g. ESF, NRF)

2. Substantial experience of line managing staff

3. Experience of working in the field of social exclusion - desirable but not essential

4. Experience in media production (radio, TV, journalism) - desirable but not essential

Work related circumstances

1. A willingness to undergo training in basic audio production skills if required

2. A willingness to undertake duties in the evening or at the weekend if and when required following prior agreement with your line manager