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Elements of the ACORAB strategic plan[1]

The following elements – motto, vision, mission and guiding principles – were developed through a participatory workshop of members of the Association of Community Radio Broadcasters of Nepal.

  1. MOTTO

Community radios for information, expression and development


Community owned radios in Nepal are established as fundamental means to promote rights to information, freedom of expression, development and social transformation.


To be actively engaged to promote, protect and sustained development of community radios through information, knowledge and skills. (ACORAB will make arrangement for or provide necessary services to its member organizations through information, knowledge and skills. It will also assist community radio stations to get established, strengthened through various supports: capacity development, equipment, technical, and organizational development).

    1. Non-partisan politics

ACORAB will engage itself actively in politics of mission journalism for social transformation. However, the politics will not be tied up with political party line. As such, ACORAB espouses absolute neutrality towards partisan politics in its programs and activities. Similarly ACORAB will demand observance of this principle as a condition for the member radio stations to continue to be members and receive support.

    1. Pluralistic democratic norms and values – within the organization and members

ACORAB respects, observes and promotes pluralistic democratic norms and values within the organization and member radio stations. ACORAB will ensure that the essence of this principle is reflected in its rules, procedures, governance, programming, and management practice. ACORAB will periodically review for the observance to this principle in practice and make necessary adjustments in the rules, system, processes and activities of its board officials, staff and members.

    1. Inclusive

ACORAB will adopt, strive and espouse for inclusion in its policies and operations. It respects the people, community, and issues that come from diverse social, gender, geographic, ethnic, and economic backgrounds and gives due space to them, but gives special preference to the poor and disadvantaged. The respect for diversity and inclusiveness will be reflected on the staffing, programs, and supports to member radio stations.

    1. Right to information, freedom of expression

ACORAB will honor, uphold, stand firm, and work actively for promoting and preserving one’s individual right to information and freedom of expression. The same will be upheld at societal and institutional (government, non-government, civil society and private sector organizations…) affairs.

    1. Respect all religions and groups but not biased towards any one

ACORAB respects religious faiths, cultures, practices and traditions of all groups of people and will advocate for equal opportunity for all beliefs and mores. As such it will not discriminate any one positively or negatively on these grounds. However, ACORAB itself will not take side or give preference to any religion or beliefs and demand the same from its members.

  1. Problem cluster: Resource mobilization

Problem Causes Underlying causes Possible solutions
Financially weak * Financial plan not prepared
  • Inadequate institutional relationship with donors

* Organization has not run in a systematic way
  • Vision, mission and goals not properly defined
  • No policy guideline for income generation
  • Too many organizations dominating as middlemen in the name of CRs

* Prepare strategic plan that includes:
  • VMGO; fund raising policy; good governance policy
  • Identify ACORAB as the only organization truly working for development of community radios
  • Increase regular contacts with donors

Technically weak * Absence of technical plan

* Inadequacy of technical knowledge
  • Inadequate attention on technical aspects

* Establish technical department
  • Train technicians
  • Establish resource centre
  • Start own studio/program production

  1. Excerpted from the Strategic Plan of the Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (NEPAL) developed in March 2007