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About Us

I am Rosamond (most people just say Roz) and I manage an urban community multi-media centre in Kingston Jamaica. ROOTS FM just celebrated our 10th anniversary of community broadcasting. It's been a long, challenging road, but we've survived through committment and our refusal to give up despite the odds.

Two of my colleagues from ROOTS, Loretta and Tiffany, and Kaymion and Ivy from JET FM who are dedicated community broadcasters are planning to take the wiki skills course and will join the discussion shortly.

ROOTS is primarily concerned with crime reduction; people living with disabilities and people empowerment through knowledge sharing. Currently we are part of the UNESCO streaming portal which you can listen to on Please give a listen and tell us what you think of our programmes. ROOTS is truly a labour of love in the community.

I would also like to encourage any stations in the Caribbean or Latin America with content to share to drop me a line so that we can arrange for you to participate in the UNESCO streaming portal.

Rosamond Brown
General Manager
Mustard Seed Communities
1 Mahoe Drive, Kingston, JAMAICA 11
Tel: 923-6488 (o) 877-5092 (c)

List of Educational Materials