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About Us

Radio Toco is part of the Toco Foundation.

Toco Foundation is a multicultural foundation for integrated development and as such has designed its projects to suit its objectives. To date we have initiated nine (9) main projects all together.

In an effort to consolidate, upgrade and modernize our operations, to enhance our vision statement and to accomplish our mission, The Toco Foundation has decided, to streamline our work in three (3) areas of activities

  • Communications Network Unit - A network encompassing Radio Toco 106.7FM; Eastern Voice Newspaper and a Multi- Media Centre.

1997 - Communication Programmes – Radio Toco 106.7 FM - the first community station in the nation; Toco Talk; Eastern Voice Newspaper

Radio Toco 106.7FM, is the first community station in Trinidad and Tobago – serving a broad community with targeted broadcast programmes. Radio Toco came on stream in November 1997, with UNESCO/UNDP assistance within the framework of UNESCO's special programme "Women Speaking to Women", and has gone from strength to strength since then.

Conceived in 1996 as a joint initiative between the Trinidad and Tobago Citizen's Agenda Network (T&TCAN) and the Toco Foundation, the pilot community radio project was intended to be operated by women and controlled by community stakeholders. Today, women make up over 70% of the staff and it has blossomed into a comprehensive radio station, broadcasting 24 hours a day. In addition to providing news and music for every taste, - “the good news and better music station” offers advice and information on health, parenting, farming, environment and many other issues of local interest.

This Radio Toco programming is supplemented by Voice of America broadcasts every night from 10:00 P.M. – 6.00 A.M. Radio Toco 106.7 FM can now be heard throughout most of Tobago as well as along much of the coast from Matura to Matelot and beyond. Radio Toco currently employs 9 people full time, 4 people part-time and engages several volunteers. We continue to encourage and facilitate training in various aspects of radio production and journalism.

Radio Toco 106.7FM was awarded the IPDC/UNESCO 1st Prize 2003 for Rural Communication. JB Fernandes Memorial Trust has recently aided this project. The project has also gotten assistance from The Netherlands Embassy, UNDP - GEF Small Grants Project, UNESCO, as well as the Embassy of the United States of America with our Voice of America (VOA) – Transmitter.

  • Social Services Delivery Unit - This unit encompasses the Inreach - Parenting Programme, Toco Youth and Sexuality Project and a combination of the above-mentioned highly trained Peer Workers and Parenting Agents in a Social Services Delivery Unit.
  • The Agro Tourism Unit - An Agro Tourism Programme, which involves the combination of the Young Farmers Project and Farmers Training Institute, the Hospitality and Accommodation Centre; Toco Turtle Protection Programme and the Eco Tourist project. This unit is situated at Anglais Road, Cumana, Toco.

List of Educational Materials

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