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This is a place to learn how to create New pages in WikiEd, and in the Community Media node

eventually, add the following code to the top of you page:

Chat Transcript - Ram Bhat & Randy

Ram Bhat & Randy Fisher

me:  hi ram
\a word about 'organization' -
Ram:  uh huh
me:  As you know, the wiki is a flat structure....which makes it easy to make pages, but a bit complicated to find them....

so, I would like to introduce a convention.... for content developed in the Community Media node, the new pages should reflect that... i.e., or Newpage

Ram:  so the path needs to be written right?
me:  Also, what I'm thinking is, that after Community Media/ there's the name of the organization then the name of the workshop...
Ram:  right..its a question of accurate hierarchy..
me:  No, there's no right path... you could do -
Ram:  got it
me:  however, as you start producing will become impossible to find anything...guaranteed!

but if you follow the convention, a convention, then it will be all coming out in a google search...

Ram:  yeah agreed..sounds good..we'll follow this system..
me:  Of course, it's open to refininement as is the wiki way...
Sent at 6:58 AM on Thursday
me:  so, if this is your "home" page on the Wiki -

and then future workshop materials etc. go after Maara/ in this way - /MAARA/Radio_workshop _on_AIDS... or something like that... get it? Then we can link it to the other sections in the site....

Ram:  yup...


me:  post a link to the Workshop section....

etc. Oh yes, one other thing.... one all pages, please make sure to put the Community_Media Navigation template... fro now.. there is also a contnet development template that we can create for easier navigation within the content materials...

Ram:  sorry i lost you..Community_Media Navigation template?

you'll see it in the code of your - just put it in..

Ram:  ah we have to insert this while writing up the it
me:  Actually, I think we've just figured out what to do...

for the organization page - MAARA for example, or ICT4DEV.... that's the home page...

to have the

and then for course pages, develop a separate template... Also, on the home page, your home page.... you can start identifying courses, or content or workshops... and then link them to the created pages... deeper in the wiki

Ram:  let me give it a shot...and would be good to have your feedback
Sent at 7:08 AM on Thursday
me:  of course, ! at your service :-)

OK, I will watch your Org Home Page, and I will also put up some info regarding searching on the CM Home Page, and develop instructions on creating a new page and navigation...

Ram:  thanks :)..will set up a Maraa page and then a course page will be some courses on community radio..
me:  yes, great... make sure to link them from your Org Home Page/....

and then it will be easier for me and anyone else to help you out on the wiki...

Ram:  you mean link the courses from my Org Home Page/ right?
me:  Yes, that's a good way for us to call it: Org Home Page.

The courses follow with an extra backslash (i.e., MAARA/Course_Title (use the underscore for spaces) and then on the MAARA Org Home Page, write out the course names - and then link them to the pages you've just created in the wiki.... I will write up this stuff on the "www.wikieducator/Community_Media?New_page and I will also put a link on the front page of CM

Ram:  great...
me:  sorry Community_Media/New_page

OK, anything else at this time.... if there's anyone else you think should join the Community_Media discussion group on Google, by all means have them join up....

Ram:  yeah i've just copied Ekta on an she can contribute on radio and theatre as well
me:  OK, great!
Ram:  also, would like to get some folks in India in on this..some people working with video and so on
me:  I'll let Ian know about our conversation today...

I'll be seeing him this morning...

Ram:  sure..give him my regards
me:  that would be great....I certainly will.

ok, signing off...

Ram:  ok Randy..good talking to you..later then
me:  ok, bye

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