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Managing programming of a CR

The management committee needs to get reports on monthly basis from production team. This will allow them to analyze programming patterns, kinds of formats, topics chosen for broadcast and so on. Due to them being community members themselves, they can easily discuss whether the topics are relevant to the community and can advise the production team accordingly.

Programming Schedule

Display the programming schedule to all the participants, and give out chart papers to each participant. Ask them to jot down comments and opinions and analysis based on the following criteria:

  • Has the entire coverage area been fairly represented through the programs?
  • Are the themes/topics consistent with your field realities?
  • Overall, are they interesting or boring? Why?

Collate responses, facilitate discussions, and make relevant changes in the program schedule

Program Listening

Make chits of all program titles in the last week. Put them in a bowl, and ask participants to choose one chit randomly. Play the selected program for all to hear. Ask management committee members to evaluate the program on the following criteria:

  • Does the program hold your attention for its entire duration? Why?
  • Rate technical quality from 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest.
  • Is the topic chosen relevant to the community or community group it seeks to address? Why?
  • Comment on the format and length of the program
  • Three points each on weakness and strength of the program

Repeat exercise four or five times and make this a regular feature of all future management committee meetings. Preferably one chosen member from the programming staff should also be present during program and personnel evaluation.

After each round of this activity, collate responses and facilitate discussion on how programming can continue. Also remember to focus on what is positive in programming, and encourage its continuation.