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About Us

Mang’elete Community Radio is a project of Mang’elete Community Integrated Development Project (MCIDP) which brings together 33 rural women groups from the semi-arid Makueni District in Kenya.

The women groups originally started as radio listening groups and were exchanging information on reproductive health, agriculture and other developmental issues. Through this, it was realized that the establishment of a radio station would enhance their knowledge and they would be able to acquire more information as well as enhance their participation. Hence, Radio Mang’elete was born. However, it took a long time for it to get a broadcasting licence.

Mang’elete Community Radio went on air on February 22, 2004 at 10.46 am. The station is situated in Nthongoni Location, Mtito Andei Division of Makueni district. It is the pioneer in community broadcasting in Kenya. It broadcasts in Kikamba, with intersperses of Kiswahili. The radio’s frequency is 89.1FM and broadcasts up to a radius of 100km

The physical location of the station Nthongoni and its environs is a very hot area and the lack of water makes the area a very dry region. The problem of drought and malnutrition therefore brought people together and in particular the women who formed the 33 women groups.

Our Interests

Educational Resources

Radio Mang'elete, Kenya, Organisation Development Workshop, November 24-29, 2008