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About Us

KYELA FM is a new radio station in Tanzania. Abbas A. Mwakalinga is the contact person. Please email him at: aambwene at hotmail dot com

KBC COMMUNITY INITIATIVE SERVICES (KCIS) of P.O. Box 600 Kyela, Tanzania is a non-governmental organization founded in 2007 with registration number 11NGO/1271 to tackle the structural causes of poverty, diseases and injustices in Tanzania rural and Kyela district in particular. KCIS works through a network of development, research, and community based projects with a common shared goal of improving the lives of disadvantaged people and rural communities. KCIS is centred on community development, and it has no religious, political or government affiliation. For the past three years, KCIS has been undertaking various projects in Kyela district towards community development which include education, health, capacity building and economic and social empowerment.

KCIS' vision is to help the poor in undeveloped communities to enhance their capacity of self-development, to upgrade basic production conditions and primary service level, to facilitate poverty alleviation process, to intensify grass-roots management and organization, and to intensify harmony and civilization of the human society.

KCIS has been designed as a major instrument for the implementation of the country’s poverty reduction strategy. It aims at supporting the Government’s efforts to address rural poverty by identifying and targeting the most vulnerable groups and empowering them to effectively participate in development activities. Its aims are:

  1. to establish the necessary conditions for sustained and equitable economic growth at the local level. This will be done through the establishment of functional basic social and economic infrastructure.
  2. to help to develop the social capital of the rural poor in the area. This aim will be achieved through support to their grass-roots organizations and local development institutions, the promotion of functional literacy, and the establishment of participatory planning processes for local development, in which the traditionally marginalized groups can effectively have a voice.
  3. to improve the income opportunities of the poorest groups by helping them to identify and exploit existing opportunities, providing them with technical and managerial expertise, and promoting the emergence of sustainable financial services.

KCIS will also focus on capacity building of the government, and local government institutions and build on the decentralized administrative system. Participatory capacity-building activities will be concentrated at the local level, enabling beneficiaries to analyse the constraints they face, identify opportunities and requirements, and obtain and administer the support they most need. Participatory activities will focus on five main areas: sustainable rural livelihoods, natural resource management, village-level community infrastructure, Health, Agriculture and education.

For this project, KCIS seeks to address the information and communication deficit by creating a community radio in Kyela district. The radio will contribute to addressing the communication and information needs as well as economic and social needs.

List of Educational Resources

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