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Installing Ubuntu

Ubuntu is free software ~ and it works just like Windows XP, except it has very few hassles. It will recognize your documents, and keep you protected from nasty things like viruses, pop-up ads and constant (and irritating) updates!

I'm just installed V.8.04.1, to my computer ~ it was pretty easy.

What You Need - for Individual PCs

  • Compact Disk(CD) recording software
  • a blank 700 MB CD disk
  • Do a backup of your data on your computer - just in case

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • for Ubuntu version 8.04.1

Find Your Version of Ubuntu and Save it to A CD

  1. Go to the http;// website
    1. You will want to install the Desktop version of the software
    2. The Download page is here
  2. Find the version of ubuntu you want to install (i.e., 8.04.1 ) ~ it's better to not go for the latest release, as it may be buggy.
    1. Make sure that it is the right version for your PC i386 or i486) or Mac or UNIX
  3. Download and save it to a folder on your computer (i.e., DOWNLOADS)
    1. (it will be saved as an .iso image - (it will take approx. 25 min, to download.
    2. If you do not wish to go through this process, then you can order a free CD - however, it may take 6-10 weeks to arrive.
  4. Using your CD recording software, "write" or "burn" this .iso image to your CD ~ and select the appropriate recording speed.
    1. Do NOT use the highest speed to do so - in fact 4x is fine (the reason for this is fewer errors)
  5. The PC will prompt you to insert a blank CD (694 MB of free space)
  6. Do so - and the CD recording software will begin to write to the disk.
  7. When the software is finished writing the .iso image to your CD, you will see a button that says: "Finished" or "Close"
  8. You are Done with the CD recording process - and now you have an "image" of the software, on a CD.

Now, you are ready to install this software on your computer.

Installing Ubuntu on Your Computer

What you want to happen here, is for your computer to "boot" or "load" directly from your inserted CD, NOT your hard drive. So, you have to give it an instruction to do so (re: keyboard button F12 at startup - see below).

  1. Do a fresh insert of the CD you just made into your computer's CD drive.
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Be sure to press F12 (or Shift F12 on laptops) as the computer restarts, and hold it down, until the computer starts beeping at you.
  4. You will see at least 5 options - asking how you want the computer to load its operating software.
    1. Choose CD/DVD, or CD - on my computer it was option #5. Press the "Enter" or "Return" key.
  5. The computer will begin reading the software instructions directly from your CD, NOT your hard drive. Don't worry here, this is fine.
    1. It may take awhile (4-5 min.) to load. Don't worry, everything is working OK
  6. The Ubuntu screen will appear with several options:
    1. Try Ubuntu on your computer
    2. Install Ubuntu on Your Computer
    3. Option 3
    4. Option 4
    5. Option 5
  7. Select "Install Ubuntu on Your Computer"
  8. You will be prompted to take several steps:
    1. Enter your name and a password
    2. Choose your home city

Partitioning Your Hard Drive

Ubuntu has come a long way in making this process easier to partition your computer's hard drive. Basically, you will have to make your computer's hard drive a bit smaller for your main Windows XP installation, while creating some space for Ubuntu. There are several ways to do this, and I chose the easy - "guided" way.

I chose to make Windows XP - 60% of my hard drive, and Ubuntu 40% of my hard drive, but you can go as little as 10% for Ubuntu. If this option isn't for you, you can consider buying another hard drive, and installing Ubuntu directly and exclusively on that hard drive.

  1. After you've selected your city, user name and password, you will be prompted to Partition Your Drive. There are several options, from Guided to Manual. I chose "Guided" because it's the easiest way.
    1. Simply select the size you want your main Windows XP to be, and your Ubuntu to be (min. of 10%). You can accomplish this by putting your cursor over the rectangular box, and the cursor will resize these boxes (try it!)
    2. Click "Forward"
  2. The Ubuntu software will begin partitioning your drive - don't touch, knock or do anything to the will let you know when it is done.
  3. Voila! Ubuntu is installed, along with a variety of Office Productivity applications and Internet. You should be able to easily connect now to the Internet.
  4. You will have to log in, using your user name and password (that you created before)
  5. Start using Ubuntu now! (Get to know it well, and start tweaking your user settings - under the tab "System")