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Hi Melody - Randy welcomes you! == About Me ==
Picture of melody.jpg Melody M. Palmer
(Comment.gif: Hi Melody - when creating new pages, I would like to suggest that you create them within the ICT4DEV syntax, to keep track of the learning materials - - you would add a forward slash (/) to the end of the /Radio/ICT4DEV/Name_that_you want_to_assign , and that would be the name of a new page. We could then put a list of links on the orginal ICT4DEV page, which in turn links to these new pages....) Programme Manager & Network Coordinator
ICT4D Jamaica
c/o 6B Oxford Road, HEART Trust Bldg.
Tele. # 929-1595 ext. 32068, 828-9519(Cel.)
Melody_Palmer at heart-nta dot org OR datamel2 at yahoo dot com

=== My Understanding of Wikis === (Comment.gif: notice the subheading...marked by 3 equal signs on either end of the text?) This is pretty cool stuff! I have a better understanding and appreciation for the collaborative efforts that a wiki facilitates. It is also a big shift in the way that I have done my work,i.e, working on a document that can be updated by others through invitation and using technology(Web 2.0)that is considered as the next level. I believe this type of technology facilitates knowledge sharing amongst individuals,institutions and countries, and will only increase the knowledge capital of those who participate. During the use of it, the fears have quickly left and I find that this technology can be easily de-mystified. One can easily see that there are no steep learning curves in the use of wikis.



--Melodyp 19:06, 25 June 2008 (UTC) ICT4D Jamaica-World's Best Development site