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Questions for KRUU Chat

(Comment.gif: Call in on Skype - valgord5362; cell phone number: 876-838-5362 - you may or may not have to dial a "1" before the (876)) (Comment.gif: Please use asterisks "*" for bullet points)
KRUU-FM info
KRUU FM Website

  1. How did the station start?
  2. Where did you get the funding for start up?
  3. How did you decide on the name KRUU and what does it mean?
  4. How many persons did you start with and how many do you have now?
  5. How does KRUU clear its overhead expenses?
  6. What is/was the community’s reaction to the station?
  7. What are the outreach activities that KRUU is involved with?
  8. What are some of the interactive programmes on the station?
  9. How influential is reggae music in Fairfield?
  10. Do you have any religious programmes?
  11. Describe your youth enrichment programme?
  12. Why do you put the man in the street on the radio?
  13. As the voice of Fairfield, wat are some of the issues that FRUU addresses for the community?
  14. What do you mean when you say that programmes can be underwritten?
  15. Why has KRUU established a food garden?
  16. Are there any disadvantages to using free software?
  17. Who maintains the garden and who benefits from it?
  18. Are your volunteers and staff financially compensated?
  19. Where do you expect to be in 5 years?

Participants in the Teleconference

  • James Moore, Station Manager, KRUU-FM
  • Roland Wells, Founder, KRUU-FM
  • Valerie Gordon, Facilitator
  • Rosamond Brown, JET-FM