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International AIDS Society

About Us

The International AIDS Society is the world's leading independent association of HIV/AIDS professionals.

We connect. By convening the world’s largest meetings on HIV/AIDS, IAS provides critical platforms for presenting new research, sharing best practice and advancing the fight against HIV/AIDS.

We promote. By promoting dialogue, education and networking, IAS helps close gaps in knowledge and expertise at every level of the response.

We mobilize. By providing support services to our members, we help them do what they do best, advancing the state of the art and expanding access to HIV prevention, treatment and impact mitigation. Contact Us

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Our Networks & Regional Partnerships

The IAS focuses on three strategic areas of regional development

Strengthening of Relations and Collaboration with Regional AIDS Networks and Societies

The IAS believes that strong, sustainable regional networks of people working in HIV and AIDS are a major driving force for action and change. As a result, we are currently developing relationships with the following regional AIDS societies and networks:

Read an ASAP newsletter for more information on links between the IAS and ASAP

Supporting Regional AIDS Conferences

Through our support of regional conferences, we aim to improve the quality of governance, programming and logistics, so that regional conferences can be a premier occasion for networking, agenda setting, exchange of information and experience, and the showcase of best practice. These conferences are also an opportunity for measuring progress and asserting accountability. Through our collaboration with the regional conferences, we aim to link the regional conferences with one another, and with the international AIDS conferences.

The IAS is collaborating, to varying degrees, with a number regional and sub-regional AIDS conferences, including:

Connecting and Mobilizing Individual IAS Members in the Regions

This helps people interact in a coherent and efficient way with other professionals, and helps form an effective resource for scale up of prevention, treatment, care and support.

Our Interests

Our Educational Resources