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Sustainability Planning

Trainers' notes: Sustainability Planning
Developed by Karma Tshering and Ian Pringle for UNESCO

===== Introduction ===== A general introduction to understanding sustainability and how to produce a sustainability plan
Timing/duration 2-4 days
Content outline and main topics covered * Introduction
    • What do we mean by sustainability?
    • A holistic approach to sustainability
    • What is a sustainability plan?
    • Developing your plan
  • Understanding and explaining your organisation
    • Mission and vision**
    • Objectives*
    • Programmes and services*
  • Understanding and planning sustainability
    • Social**
    • Organisational*
    • Financial***
    • Technological*
* 45-60 minute exercise
Target audience * Organisational stakeholders: staff, users and members; community partners
  • Ideally the workshop will have between 9 and 15 participants

Prerequisite skills/knowledge * Direct/indirect involvement with the organisation
  • Basic understanding of the objectives and functioning of centre

Unit objectives/expected outcomes By the end of the three-day workshop the participants will have participated in developing a sustainability plan for the organisation. In the process, they will
  • Develop a clear understanding of mission, vision and objectives of the organisation
  • Know the organisation’s programmes and services
  • Understand the different aspects of sustainability as they relate to the organisation
    • Know the organisation’s stakeholders and community
    • Know the value of voluntary contributions by members of the community
    • Understand the roles and responsibilities of different staff and committees
    • They will know the day-to-day expenditure and income of the organisation
  • Have brainstormed new ideas for the organisation to be achieve sustainability

By the end of the three days workshop the organisation will have:

  • A stronger, better informed organisational team
  • A sustainability plan created by stakeholders

Preparation * Gather materials: background, existing mission or vision statements, objectives, lists
  • Financial statements

Notes on using exercises The exercises could be done in small groups of 3 to 5 participants
Resources included with unit * Trainers’ notes
  • Handout
  • Exercises
  • Examples
  • Checklist
  • List of additional resources
  • Glossary
  • Workshop evaluation form (for trainees)
  • Materials evaluation form (for trainers)
  • Copyright statement

Additional trainer resources
Equipment/stationary needed * White Board with different coloured marker pens
  • Large sheets of paper (e.g. chart paper, bristol board, etc)
  • Markers
  • Paper and pens