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Organisation & Navigation

Within the Community Media space (i.e., please create a new page, using your Organization as the name for the new page. Do this in CAPITAL LETTERS if you like. (i.e.,} This is referred to as your Organization's Home Page. (on this page, please be sure to include the Community_Media Navigation template}

Please put in some brief information about your organization (2-3 paragraphs, including your Organization's interests, contact people and interests / collaboration interests). Then, have a List of Resource Materials - with linked topics or subjects.

Adding Course Content and Learning Materials

When you are ready to add the actual content and resources, then make a new page, AFTER your Organization's name (i.e., (Note the use of the Underscore to create spaces between words).

Then, you can have a nice way to set up your courses. (There will be information about creating a template for easier navigation among the course content).

Be sure to create a List of Educational Materials / Resources on your Organization's Home Page, and then deep link this list to the titles that your Organisation has created.

Creating New Pages on the WikiEducator Community Media node