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THANK YOU! OER Donations: Building Community Radio

The Community Media Space has received several valuable donations of open educational resources (OERs)to its repository on WikiEducator.

The Community Media Space on WikiEducator is a growing collection of training materials, case studies and other resources related to community media, in particular media's role in learning for development. The Space and all the content in it are "open" - WikiEducator uses a Creative Commons-Atribution-Share Alike license. The space is supported by an international peer group, numbering over 100 people and 40 groups and organisations spread around the world.

The Space received seven (7) excellent community radio materials from the Community Radio Support Centre (CRSC) in Nepal, including:

  • Strategic Planning Manual for Community Radio
  • Community Radio Performance Assessment System
  • Community Radio Institutional Strengthening Guidelines

The CRSC materials are part of a growing cluster of materials relating to organisational development for Community Media: Other excellent materials have been shared by Roots-FM, Jamaica (Financial Sustainability), Maraa, India (a set of six modules covering Conceptual Clarity to Management and Sustainability), and from open source community radio pioneer, KRUU-FM, USA (Volunteer Handbook).

Share your materials! If you have training curricula, manuals or handbooks that will benefit groups doing or interested in community media, visit the Space or get in touch with Ian Pringle, Education Specialist, Media