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About Us

The Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership on HIV/AIDS (CBMP) unites broadcasters from across the Caribbean in a coordinated response to the region’s surging pandemic. Inspired by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s call to action under the Global Media AIDS Initiative, this new Partnership creates a structured framework for sharing information and resources among broadcasters that will significantly expand HIV/AIDS-related programming and public education activities across the Caribbean. The CBMP was launched in May 2006 at a regional summit meeting of media executives on HIV/AIDS, organized by the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation, the Caribbean Broadcasting Union, and the Kaiser Family Foundation. Recognizing their unique power as broadcasters to deliver lifesaving information about HIV/AIDS and fight AIDS-related stigma and discrimination, participating executives have signed a Partnership Declaration, committing to the following:

  • Making HIV/AIDS a business priority;
  • Integrating HIV/AIDS communication across program genres;
  • Providing for dedicated and substantial broadcast time to HIV/AIDS programming; and,
  • Seeking co-production opportunities to extend the reach of HIV/AIDS messages.

The CBMP represents an unprecedented collaboration by leading broadcasters in the Caribbean to develop a coordinated regional public awareness campaign on HIV/AIDS. The Partnership is unique because the media companies themselves drive the development of the campaign. Broadcasters have also made a significant financial commitment by pledging concrete programming assets – up to 12 minutes per day – for placement of campaign materials. The commitment of broadcasters is defined by an alignment of interests and expectations; airtime is not purchased for placement of HIV/AIDS messaging. As visible and influential opinion leaders in their respective communities, the media’s active engagement in the fight against HIV/AIDS also sends a powerful signal to policymakers and other stakeholders about the importance of a collaborative response to the epidemic.

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