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About Us

Breeze 99.6FM, is a radio station located in downtown Chipata, the capital of Zambia’s Eastern Province. Although privately owned and, therefore, a commercial radio station, Breeze FM has a public service mission, and its operations are more in line with community radio.

Breeze is ideally placed to carry out its mission, which is to stimulate prosperity in our coverage area by creating access to useful, relevant and up to date information that will give growth at personal, family and community levels.

With a broadcast radius of 120km, Breeze covers most of Eastern Province and its signal spills over into neighbouring Malawi. The total potential audience is 700 000, of whom 76% are rural people, living in scattered villages where they earn a living from small-scale farming.

In terms of programming, Breeze is a public interest station – combining education, information, news and entertainment. Overall, content is oriented towards community and small business development.

Our Educational Resources

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Contact Info

M Michael (Mike) Daka
Breeze 99.6 FM
866 Parirenyatwa Road
P O Box 511178
Tel: 260 6 221175
Fax: 260 6 221823
Email: mikedaka AT breezefmchipata DOT com