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e-Learning activity summary

Title: Abridged eMM self-evaluation
2 -3 hours

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Resources to consult

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The purpose of this E-Activity is to gain insight into the application of eMM by conducting an abridged self-evaluation:
  • of 2 e-learning processes of your choice from the eMM
  • across the 5 dimensions of: delivery, planning, definition, management and optimisation
  • incorporating evidence for your value judgements.

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  1. Note: This eMM evaluation is an authentic simulation but does not constitute a formal eMM evaluation because it is restricted to only 2 processes and you may not have access to all the documentary evidence required for a comprehensive evaluation of those processes.
  2. Download a copy of the eMM 2.3 Core Assessment Workbook.
  3. Select 2 eMM processes, each from one of the following areas (i.e. you may not select two processes from the same area):
    • Learning
    • Development
    • Support
    • Organisation
  4. Print out the pages for the two processes you have selected.
  5. Select a "representative" course from your institution (or use the SP4Ed or EDEM630 course for your assessment)
  6. Identify public documentary evidence to support your value judgements (eg institutional policies, procedures, practices etc.) relevant to your assessment.
  7. Conduct an evaluation for the processes you selected by marking your value judgements on the two pages you printed out. Include comments of your assessment in relation to the evidence you consulted.

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Learning outcome actions

  1. Prepare a blog post of 400 - 500 words where you summarise the e-Learning capability of the two processes you selected for the evaluation. If appropriate, distinguish between strengths and opportunities for improvement potential.
    • Describe the organisation in two or three sentences (do not disclose or publish the name of the organisation unless you have permission from senior leadership of the organisation to do so. Remember that you blog is public). For example: I have selected a regional campus-based polytechnic in New Zealand. The polytechnics e-learning approach is characterised by .... "
    • Consider scanning or taking a photograph of a section of one of the completed evaluation sheets to illustrate your blog post. (Be sure that you do not disclose organisation details.)
    • List examples of the documentary evidence you consulted to inform you value judgements.
    • Publish a disclaimer that your assessment was conducted as a personal learning exercise to gain understanding of the eMM and your assessments were restricted to public documentation and limited to two e-learning processes.