e-Activity - Mindmap and mini-evaluation

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e-Learning activity summary

Title: Mindmap of the eMM and mini evaluation of the framework
1 hour

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Use the following resources for this e-Activity:

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The purpose of this activity is to:
  • Generate a visual representation of the eMM model and its structural components in relation to your intuitive assessment.
  • Express a value judgement on the utility of eMM as a framework for assessing organisational capability in elearning for your own context.

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  1. Using the stimulus resources above identify the structural components of the eMM and how they relate to each other.
  2. Revisit your intuitive assessment of the previous e-Activity.
  3. If you are new to the concept of mindmapping, conduct a Google search for "How to create a mindmap" and select one or two resources to assist you in generating a mindmap.
  4. On a piece of paper, prepare an initial draft of a mindmap to summarise the structural components of eMM and how they relate to each other. The branches of your mindmap should depict the main components of eMM. You should include aspects of your intuitive assessment in your mindmap.

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Learning outcome actions

  1. Prepare a final version of your mindmap to visualise the eMM model and its relationships with your intuitive assessment to be included in a blogpost. You can:
    • Photograph or scan a hand-drawn graphic on an A4 page using colour to highlight the different ecosystems.
    • Use graphic software to produce your mindmap
    • Use mindmap software like the open source Freemind package to generate your graphic.
  2. Prepare a summary evaluation of 400 words judging the value of the eMM for assessing organisational maturity of e-Learning in your personal context. You can consider strengths, weaknesses and recommendation decision on whether you would consider using eMM as a for a more detailed assessment of e-Learning at an organisation of your choice later in the course.