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e-Learning activity summary

Title: Provisional essay plan for Review of Change Model Assignment
2 hours
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Review of change model(s) and annotated bibliography

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Resource links

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The purpose of this activity is to:
  • Guide the focus of your reading and analysis of the literature for your annotated bibliography.
  • Publish a provisional essay plan on your blog for the first assignment.

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  1. Read the requirements for Assignment 1.1 including the assessment rubric.
  2. Study the resource links above.
  3. Scan one or two of the recommended readings on models of change.
  4. Generate a brainstorm list of ideas before drafting a provisional essay plan for your blog post.
  5. Note: Academic writing is a recursive process. This is a draft plan which you will refine as your study of the literature progresses.

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Learning outcome actions

Publish a blog post of 350 words with a provisional essay plan. Questions you can consider include:
  • What is my goal for writing this essay?
  • What information do I need to include?
  • How will the information be organised?
  • What is the personal change context you would like to focus on?
  • What is the central thesis or key question you aim to answer drawing on the research on change with digital technology in education?
  • What are the main themes you plan to address in the body of your essay (bullet points)?
  • What conclusions do you anticipate?
  • Post feedback comments on at least two essay plans from fellow learners, preferably colleagues who haven't received any feedback comments.