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e-Learning activity summary

Title: Arena of change mindmap (Focusing on your selected research topic)
2 hours

Start here

Resources to get you started
Arena of change
  • Download a local copy of the Arena of change (Right click on your mouse and select "save as".)
  • Watch this video of Pinelopi Zaka entitled Blended elearning: An ecological framework which is hosted by EDtalks.
  • Watch this video on How To Use A Mind Map on Youtube

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The purpose of this activity is to:
  • Reflect on your selected research topic on change with digital technology in education from an ecological perspective
  • Generate a visual representation of the ecosystem relating to your identified change.

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  1. Study the Arena of change graphic and think about how your identified topic of change interacts with the personal, institutional (local), regional / national and international ecosystems.
  2. Identify the family / community, professional, bureaucratic, political and resource aspects related to your specific topic of research of change with digital technology in education.
  3. Conduct a Google search for "How to create a mindmap" and select one or two resources to assist you in generating a mindmap to illustrate and summarise your change or innovation selected as your topic for research from an ecological perspective.
  4. On a piece of paper, prepare an initial draft of a mindmap using your identified topic of research relating to change as the central concept. The branches of your mindmap should depict the ecology and ecosystems relating to your topic of change with technology in education.

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Learning outcome actions

  1. Prepare a final version of your mindmap to visualise your identified topic of change from an ecological perspective to be included in a blogpost. You can:
    • Photograph or scan a hand-drawn graphic on an A4 page using colour to highlight the different ecosystems.
    • Use graphic software to produce your mindmap
    • Use mindmap software like the open source Freemind package to generate your graphic.
  2. Prepare a summary of 400 - 500 words which describes your mindmap including:
    • An introduction of your central topic of research, that is, your identified change with digital technology in education.
    • A description of the ecology which identifies the relationships between your change and the wider ecosystem.
    • Post the summary and graphic in your blog
  3. Visit at least two blog posts from fellow students and provide comments and feedback.