Certificate in Stress Management and Spa Therapies

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Programme Aims

The Certificate in Stress Management and Spa Therapies (Level 5) is designed to prepare students for work within the fast growing spa industry and to provide them with the skills and understandings necessary to operate effectively as a stress management consultant. It aims to broaden and deepen the student’s massage skills and understanding of anatomy and physiology, and introduce students to models and techniques of holistic stress management which complement the practice of massage.

Programme Outcomes

By the end of this programme students will: Have developed:

  • knowledge of and competency in the safe practical application of massage methods in a range of contexts at an intermediate level
  • knowledge and practical competency in selected spa therapies relevant to massage practice
  • knowledge and practical competency in the application of stress management methods
  • knowledge of the application of basic aromatherapy within a massage context
  • advanced interpersonal skills
  • intermediate understanding of anatomy and physiology relevant to the practice of massage therapy.

Be prepared for:

  • further study in massage therapy
  • entry level positions in the spa industry
  • self-employment as a relaxation massage practitioner
  • registration with Massage New Zealand as a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT)

Other information

Further information from the Otago Polytechnic site.


  1. OPTM1 Study Skills
  2. OPTM2 Basic Massage
  3. OPTM3 Fundamentals of Massage
  4. OPTM4 Anatomy 1
  5. OPTM5 Bioscience 1
  6. OPTM6 Communication 1
  7. OPTM7 Stress Management
  8. OPTM8 Spa Therapies
  9. OPTM9 Intermediate Massage
  10. OPTM10 Aromatherapy
  11. OPTM11 Communication 2
  12. OPTM12 Anatomy 2
  13. OPTM13 Bioscience 2