OPTM11 Communication 2

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Level: 5
Credits: 5

Directed Learning hours: 20
Workplace or Practical Learning hours: 5
Self Directed Learning hours: 25
Total Learning Hours: 50


This course aims to help students to develop the interpersonal skills needed to provide premium customer service to their clients.



Learning Outcomes

At the successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to professionally present themselves
  2. Demonstrate professional phone booking and reception skills
  3. Demonstrate effective therapist – client communication
  4. Demonstrate effective team oriented communication
  5. Identify key areas where errors in communication may occur, and describe processes which can prevent these errors from occuring
  6. Demonstrate the key elements of premium customer service as it relates to massage therapy


  • Professional presentation
  • Professional conduct and communication
  • Teamwork & communication
  • Premium customer service


The following strategies may be used: • Demonstration of practical skills • Supervised clinical assessment • Oral presentations

Attendance Requirements

Students are expected to attend 90% of practical classes. If in the opinion of the programme manager students have a valid reason for non-attendance, their total attendance may be permitted to drop to a minimum of 80%. Non-participation in these classes is treated as non-attendance. Students are required to attend all clinical- and work- placement activities except when the programme manager judges that there are extenuating circumstances. Students will be expected to engage with online discussions and activities and in some instances, participation may be required.

Completion requirements

Students must achieve competency in all assessment tasks for completion of this course. Students attendance and participation must also comply with the attendance requirements of the course.

Student Reading List

Required Reading Resources:

  • The course coordinator may require specified reading resources to be owned by the students.

Recommended Reading Resources:

  • The course coordinator may recommend additional reading resources.