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About Abusua Foundation

ABUSUA is focused on HIV/AIDS (Care, support and Advocacy), Prisoner Reformation and Rehabilitation and Youth Development. As diverse as our activities may seem; for us, the cross-cutting theme is the issue of RIGHTS.

We believe that young people have a right to participate in decision making processes in their communities, districts, regions and at the national level; we believe prison inmates have rights and must be treated with respect and dignity; we believe that people with HIV/AID have same rights as everybody else, that they must have access to medication and medical attention. We believe that for young people to influence these issues, they must have training - which our youth development is all about; and training as education is a right!

Supporting us to perform these activities and actions is a 9-member Board of Patrons, occupied by prominent individuals who are keen to direct the freshness, energy, and dynamism of the youth to causes of self-reliance and duty to mankind.

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