CCNC/CCNC Module 7/Web Searching/Printing

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Tutorial.png Web Searching 

Using a Search Engine | Preparation | Printing | Self Assessment | Summary

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In this tutorial we will:
  • learn how to print web pages


Choose Web page print output options such as: entire Web page, specific page(s), specific frame, selected text, number of copies and print

  • File->Print

Screen Shot needed

In this dialogue you can set the following:

  1. Print to the printer or a file: If you select the latter, you will be prompted for the file name and location.
  2. The printer to use: Select the printer by clicking on the drop down arrow next to the printer name.
  3. The range of pages to be printed: The default is All pages. To select a range of pages, select the Pages radio button and enter the start and end page numbers.
  4. Number of copies: Enter the number of copies you wish to print in the corresponding window.
  5. Print frames: Some web sites are made up of frames. These are boxes on the screen which can be dealt with as units. If the web page contains frames, you can select how you wish these to be printed.
  6. Click OK.

The following screen illustrates a web site that makes use of frames. The borders of the frames can be clearly seen on the screen.

Screen Shot needed You may also choose to print a selection of text.

  1. Select the text you wish to print.
  2. Click on File->Print
  3. In the Print Range option click on Selection
  4. Click on Print