CCNC/CCNC Module 6/Slide Shows and Previews/Subsection 5 Defining Slide Show Settings

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Tutorial 2 - Defining Slide Show Settings

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In this tutorial we will:
  • learn how to use Pre-defined Presentation Templates
  • learn how to use Pre-defined Presentation Backgrounds in Your Presentation

Defining Slide Show Settings

Every Impress slide is governed by slide show settings, including which slide to start from, the way you advance the slides, the type of presentation, and pointer options. These settings can be changed to suit your unique presentation.

To Define Slide Show Settings:

  • Choose Slide Show Slide Show Settings from the menu bar.


  • The Slide Show dialogue box is displayed.


  • In the Range area, specify which slides are to be included in the presentation.
    • All slides - includes all of the slides in your slide show.
    • From: - define the slide number of the start slide.
    • Custom Slide Show - runs a custom slide show in the order that you defined in Slide Show

Custom Slide Show:

  • Select the slide show Type
    • Default - a full screen slide is shown.
    • Window - slide show runs in the Impress program window.
    • Auto - define the duration of the pause before the slide show is repeated. If you enter zero, the show restarts immediately without showing a pause slide.

  • Click to insert a checkmark next to any other Options to be applied to the presentation.
    • Change slides manually - slides never change automatically when this box is selected. The settings as seen in the Transition box in the Object bar will not apply.
    • Mouse pointer visible - shows the mouse pointer during a slide show.
    • Mouse pointer as pen - changes the mouse pointer to a pen which you can use to draw on slides during the presentation.
    • Navigator visible - displays the Navigator during the slide show.
    • Animations allowed - runs animations during the slide show. If this option is not selected, only the first frame of an animation is displayed.
    • Change slides by clicking on background - advances to the next slide when you click on the background of a slide.
    • Presentation always on top – Impress remains on top during the presentation. No other program will show its window in front of your presentation.

  • Click the OK button to apply and save the definitions.