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Save a Database

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Upon completion of this tutorial the learner will be able to:
  • Save a database
  • Choose a file location for the saved database

Save a Database

Figure 1. Save As...

To save a database select the Save... or Save As... menu command. A "Save..." will save the current database using its existing name. A "Save As..." will prompt you to save the database using a different name.

Figure 2. Save a database

When you are developing a new database it is sometime useful to "Save As..." different version names. This allows you to save a version at a state of design you are happy with. Then you can continue development. If you make a series of changes you are not happy with having multiple versions allows you revert back to the previous state you liked. You may want to consider a versioning number system similar to the following;

  • Db-Namev0.1 - minor changes
  • Db-Namev0.2 - minor changes
  • Db-Namev1.0 - MAJOR RELEASE
  • Db-Namev1.1 - minor changes
  • Etc...

Figure 3. Choose a location

If you like you can "Browse for other folders" and find another folder location to save the database.