CCNC/CCNC Module 5/The database application/First Steps with Databases/Create a new Database

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Tutorial.png First Steps 

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Create a new Database

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Upon completion of this tutorial the learner will be able to:
  • Describe the creation of a new database
  • Create a dabase using OpenOffice 2.0

Create a new Database

Figure 1. Create a new Database

To create a new database select the "Create a new database" option. Then press the "Next >>" button

Figure 2. Save the new database

You will then be prompted for a "New Database" name. Enter a unique new name in the Name field.

Figure 3. Choose a location for the new database

You can also navigate to a new folder location by selecting the "Browse for other folders" option.

Figure 4. A new database

Once finished you will have a new database.