CCNC/CCNC Module 5/Creating reports/Basic Reporting/Self Assessment

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Tutorial.png Basic Reporting 

The Reporting Wizard | Choosing the data | Grouping and Sorting | Report Layout | Saving and Deleting | Self Assessment | Summary & FAQs

Self Assessment

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Upon completion of this self assessment the learner will:
  • Create a report using the report wizard
  • Use a report to retrieve information
  • Identify static and dynamic reports
  • Save and close a report

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Portfolio Activity

Open the reporting screen and perform the following activities;

  1. Run a wizard to create a new report
  2. Base the new report on a table
  3. Select an adequate number of fields for the report, do not include the primary or foriegn key fields
  4. Group the report on two different fields
  5. Sort the report on one of the grouped fields
  6. Choose a layout appropriate for the report user
  7. Name and save the report
  8. Find the report in the main report screen, right-click the report and Open.