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Tutorial.png Basic Reporting 

The Reporting Wizard | Choosing the data | Grouping and Sorting | Report Layout | Saving and Deleting | Self Assessment | Summary & FAQs

Naming, Saving and Deleting Reports

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Upon completion of this tutorial the learner will be able to:
  • Name a new report
  • Save a report
  • Discuss static and dynamic reports
  • Delete a report

Naming and Saving

Figure 1. Saving the report

The final step of the wizard is to name the report and save the report. When saving the report the option to make the report either static or dynamic is available. Remember; the static report captures the data based upon when the report was first run, the dynamic report captures the data based upon each time the report is run. If there is nothing to change click on Finish and OpenOffice Base will create the report.


Figure 2. Deleting using menu

There are three methods to delete a report. After selecting the report to delete, choose either;

  # from the menu Edit->Delete
  # right-click the report and select Delete from the pop-up
  # press the Delete key on the keyboard

Any of the methods will prompt to confirm the delete.

Figure 3. Deleting using pop-up

Figure 4. Delete prompt

Test your knowledge

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Saving and deleting reports


1. The only way to delete a report is to select it from the main reporting screen, right-click and select delete?

Incorrect, there are three methods available to delete a report. Click here to review the topic.
Absolutely Correct!

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