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Main Parts of Computer

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In this tutorial we will:
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Components of a personal computer.
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  1. Monitor
  2. Motherboard
  3. Central Processing Unit
  4. Primary storage (Random Access Memory (RAM)), see Memory
  5. Expansion cards
  6. Computer power supply
  7. Optical disc drive (CD Read Only Memory (CDROM))
  8. Hard Disk
  9. Computer keyboard
  10. Mouse


In this section we will take a look at selected components of a personal computer. By way of orientation take a look at the diagram illustrating the components of the personal computer. The internal components like the hard disk, motherboard and power supply unit are usually hidden from the view of the user -- so this diagram is a good way to get an overview of the hardware components of a computer.

In this course, we will briefly take a look at the following components:

Central Processing Unit
Hard Disk
Input/ Output Devices
Peripheral Devices