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Opening Notes

  • In support of / adding value to the OER movement...?
  • Supporting OER ecosystem growth, momentum and sustainability
  • In support of / adding value to our organization...?
  • Supporting each organization's ability to achieve its strategic objectives
  • In support of / adding value to our members...?

Currently, what has each organization provided?


  • Websites: CCCOER main website, CCCOER wiki
  • Internal use / communications to CCCOER Governing Board re: Use of WikiEducator as CCCOER wiki space, and part of CCCOER blended communications strategy
  • Organization commitment and GB engagement: use of wiki
  • Publicity for OER movement / WikiEducator events - (i.e., Open Access Week) to 618 members of COT Ning Community -


Looking forward, what can each organization provide?


  • US/Canada visibility and profile with 200+ community colleges and related institutions
  • participation in joint-venture projects
  • faculty participation / engagement
  • 501(c)3 - US 'Home' for OER Foundation

WikiEducator / OER Foundation

  • Free wiki skills training for CCCOER folk - all stakeholders - Learning4Content - eL4C47 - November 17-30, 2010, 10 day workshop, requiring 3-4 hours of effort
  • Joint Ventures - RFPs / financial contributions / investments / sponsorship
  • Open Content licensing project
  • International profile / recognition (as in CCCOER Mission Statement)
  • Feature CCCOER as a 'featured institution' on WE home page (i.e., BCcampus)
  • OER for professional development of staff (i.e., ProD using OER)
  • Development of organizational strategy and support resources, specifically relating to OER strategies (i.e., targets for OER courses, enrollments, etc.)

Open Questions

  • What happens when a member of either organization wants to leverage CCCOER and OER Foundation?