CCCOER/Meetings/Quarterly 1Q 2011/Nov 9

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Agenda for November 9 ==

  • Announcing Sharyn will be replacing Jacky as the project manager for the 1Q11 event.
  • Sharyn is not able to join the conference call. Her manager Mitchell will attend.
  • Action Item from previous meeting.
    • Sharyn: google form for registration, publicity, 3-fold handouts, etc. All of this should wait until after the December meeting with the possible exception of a 'save-the-date' style notice.
    • Jacky: talk with Stella about date, time, room, sending to the emails of registrants, etc.
    • Jacky: Ask Sal Kahn of Kahn Academy to attend and lead a short session. Jacky will meet Sal on Nov 16.
    • Jo: Prepare to lead a discussion about open courseware.
  • Decide how to fill out the form required by the League.

Questions Sharyn sent:

  • Flat World Knowledge
    • Are they going to help us market it to their audience?
    • Do they have a marketing or event person I can connect with?
    • If they are doing a League mailing, we should do it together? If nothing else, use social media to promote event.
  • On site attendance
    • If only registered attendees can attend and we are not doing web conferencing but may do other remote attendance, how do we "police" the invitation list and then the attendee list? Do they have to go through a group area where a badge is required?
    • Will the League allow us to offer a special rate to our members that would encourage attendance?
    • Is there a deadline for getting the info to the League?