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  Phone Tree Working Group of the CCCOER Membership Committee

Ongoing Purposes of this Working Group

are to:

  •  make personal contact with each member institution at least twice each year
  • encourage active participation by the member institutions Primary Contact Person (PCP)
  • answer any questions the PCP may have about CCCOER, its program or its governance

Goals for December 2010

  • make a personal contact with each member institution in 2010
  • get the PCP to fill out the membership survey - walk him/her through the questionnaire while on the phone if desired
  • answer any questions stimulated by the survey to the best of the caller's ability
  • encourage PCP to recruit OER enthusiasts on his/her campus to CCCOER Committees - especially the Program Committee
  • give PCP the phone number and email of the caller, CCCOERs Executive Director (Liza Loop), the Communications Chair (We need to check with Joanne Munroe before doing this) or another Communications Volunteer (to be recruited)
  • be sure the PCP knows how to access the CCCOER Web site, the Google Group, and the Wiki

Supporting Information for Dec 2010 Callers

  • Survey link
  • The purpose of the survey is to guide CCCOER in serving its members and to encourage members to think about and communicate what they want from their Consortium.
  • CCCOER web site
  • This, the official website of CCCOER, is managed by Judy Baker, one of CCCOER's founders. Members are invited to participate in the blog and to send Judy ideas and comments for improving the site. Anyone interested in assisting Judy to update and maintain the site is invited to contact ED Liza Loop.
  • CCCOER wiki pages
  • The wiki is a tool for multiperson discussion and editing. Because it is entirely open, the wiki is not appropriate for "official" communications or for confidential postings. Each committee and working group decides for itself whether to use the wiki, a Google Group or some other communication tool for its internal business.
  • Status of the organization: CCCOER is currently (Dec 2010) a project hosted by Foothill De Anza Community College District where it started in 2007.
  • Transition: CCCOER is exploring options to ensure its future sustainability. These include moving it, as a project, to another institutional host or spinning off as an independent organization. CCCOER is in the process of developing a close working relationship with OCW Consortium.

Working Group Members and Calling Assignments

These folks (in alphabetical order) spoke up at the Dec. 9th CCCOER Quarterly Meeting and may have meant to volunteer for the phone tree. For the moment, please contact Liza for further information. Also, please correct your information below.

  • Angela Secrest of Houston CC and CCCOER Treasurer (TX)
  • Clare of IKSME, a College Open Textbooks member and contractor (CA, SF Bay Area)
  • John Makevich of College of the Redwoods (in California) and CCCOER Secretary (Central and Southern CA)
  • Karim of AcrossWorld Education (US East Coast)
  • Liza Loop, CCCOER Executive Director (located in CA, SF Bay Area but happy to phone in US central states)
  • Randy Fisher, CCCOER Project Manager (Canada)

Since CCCOER does not make contact information of its members public, it is not appropriate to use make calling assignments. I'll set up a closed Google group for that purpose.

Please feel free to add to and edit this page. You need to join wikiEducator to edit. Don't worry about formatting, just get the content down. I can show you how to format later or fix it for you. Don't say anything confidential in your post. Put it in a private email or the Google group. Thanks, Liza