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Certificate Course in Rattan Use, Technologies and Enterprise Development

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Course-1: Rattan Resource Generation

Block-1: General Introduction (Dr. AL Lakshmana)

Block-2: Rattan Species (Dr. K. Haridasan)

Block-3: Production of planting stock (Dr. C. Renuka, KFRI)

Block-4: Cultivation practices (Dr. T.C Bhuyan)

Block-5: Conservation and Management (Dr. AC Lakshmana/ Dr. R.C. Pandalai)

Course-2 : Rattan Processing & Protection

Block-1: Post Harvest Protection/Preservation (Dr. Dhamodaran, KFRI)

Block-2: Primary Processing Dr. Dhamodaran, KFRI)

Block-3: Properties & Utilization (Dr. Satish Kumar, Dehradun)

Course-3 : Rattan Utilization

Block-1: Rattan for Food

Block-2: Rattan for Traditional Industries

Block-3: Rattan for Contemporary Industries

Course-4: Rattan : Business and Enterprise Development

Block-1: Bamboo Products

Block-2: Information Sources (Mr. T.P. Subramony, Dr. I. Khurana, Mr. Manu Mayank) (Be given as a Handbook)

Block-3: Business Planning & Costing

Block -4: Organizations of Rattan (Mr. T.P. Subramony, Dr. I. Khurana, Mr. Manu Mayank) (Be given as a Handbook)

Course-5: Field visit and Hands-on

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Field visit to Rattan rich area (Natural / Plantation) with the object of:

  • Familiarization of different species and terminology used
  • Studying growth pattern of different species under different climate and management practices.
  • Performance of rattan in agro forestry and Silvi-horticultural models.