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FURNITURE MANUFACTURING (T.K. Dhamodaran) .The following are the main steps in the manufacture of furniture, an important rattan product:

File:Furniture 01.png

Straightening of rattan poles

Generally, simple hand operating machines are used for straightening rattan pole components required for furniture. Fig. 30 illustrates the working of one such simple hand operated machine for straightening rattan furniture poles.

Fig. 30. Straightening of rattan pole for

furniture making.

File:Furniture 02.png

Measurement and cross-cutting

The required length are measured and cut by using simple hand saws or small cross cut circular saws. Fig. 31 illustrates this activity.

Fig. 31. Measuring and crosscutting

the required lengths of poles.

Bending and moulding

The moulds have to designed and prepared in wood/plywood. It has to fix by nuts and bolts or nails of appropriate size in a strong and sturdy worktable. Also, fix the required number of gigs to tighten the poles along with the mould. The straightened poles of appropriately cut sizes can be bent by placing in between the gigs and mould and the piece may be bent by hand or by mechanical devices (lever). The bend portion is allowed o retain in the mould till it is fixed (the bend is not getting springed back when it is removed from the mould). Fig. 32 illustrates this operation.

File:Furniture 03.png

File:Furniture 04.png

Fig. 32. Bending and moulding operations.

Drilling, grooving and end-coping

File:Furniture 05.png

Small portable or desk-mount drilling /grooving machine (Fig. 33) can be made use of for this purpose.

Fig. 33. Working in a drilling machine

File:Furniture 06.png


The next stage is assembling the components into the furniture framework (Fig. 34)

Fig. 34. Assembling the components

Binding and weaving

The next stage of furniture making is the binding of the component parts with peels and weaving the seat portions (Fig. 35)

File:Furniture 07.png

File:Furniture 08.png

Fig. 35. Binding and weaving operations in furniture making.

Scraping and sanding

File:Furniture 09.png

File:Furniture 10.png

Fig. 36. Scraping and sanding

operations in furniture.


The final furniture structure is lacquered or varnished using spray guns or booths. (Fig. 37). Fig. 38 shows the set of finished furniture structure. Fig. 39 shows the outdoor and indoor display of various products for selling.

File:Furniture 11.png

File:Furniture 12.png

Fig. 37. Finishing the furniture structure. Fig. 38. Finished furniture set.

File:Furniture 13.png

File:Furniture 14.png

File:Furniture 15.png

File:Furniture 16.png

Fig. 39. Examples of outdoor and indoor showcasing of products for selling.